Who's Inbox Is This?

Too many emails

I'm sure you're familiar with tools like Typefully where they automatically allow you to re-tweet your tweets after 12 hours. This is that people in different timezones see your tweet rather than having it buried in the avalanche of tweets that have been sent by all the other people they follow in that 12 hours.

I think this is a good idea. It's not so great when you look at someone's specific profile in Twitter and see a bunch of their own retweets, but in normal day-to-day usage, I don't notice it.

However, I do notice it when my inbox is starting to see more and more newsletters doing the same.

My twitter timeline is carnage, same as yours. Sometimes I see tweets, sometimes I don't. That's just the way twitter - and social media in general - works. We all know that.

But if I subscribe to your newsletter, I've gone that extra step to want to hear from you.

But maybe, just maybe, I handle email differently to twitter, because I have to. Emails will sit there until I actively go and delete them, unlike twitter. Emails don't have that immediacy that twitter is so great for. Newsletters also require a greater amount of time to read per issue, than tweets do, so they're less ephemeral than a tweet.

So that means I leave the newsletters for a few days, block out sometime, and read a bunch of them in one go.

Only now, I have to deal with the re-sends as well as the initial send.

And that's rapidly starting to feel intrusive in a way that re-tweets aren't.

And intrusive = unsubscribe.

"You haven't opened the last issue, so I'm re-sending it".

No. Just don't.

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