The Joy Of Frameworks


I've got one app written which is currently for my own use, which will help me build out a series of reports in the coming months, which are part of an audience-building experiment I'm doing.

That app is based around which I use to manage some data in the database.

The app has a paginated table of data, and a form for editing each item. But what filament also allows you to do is add columns to the table view, for editing the data, like this:

I didn't have that column, but added it just now. It took about 4 minutes to do, most of which was deploying the app from development to production.

Then I wanted to be able to automatically filter that table for active vs pending entries. Another 4 minutes and I had this filter at the top of the table:

When you find the right framework, you can do so much, so quickly.

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