Building Utility Helpers

I write my code in VS Code, where the code is stored on the windows C: drive. I do this because I use Gitkraken as my git client, and the code has to sit on that drive. But I run my code within WSL, so I have a utility that runs a couple of robocopy commands to copy files from c: to the WSL linux folder where the code runs.

And to do that, I wrote a little utility .exe using AutoIt, which runs those robocopy commands when I do CTRL+ALT+C. Nice and simple.

But today, something else annoyed me:

I wanted to debug in a file that was buried deep down in one of 3rd party packages I'm using. So I found the point I wanted to put the debug statement into, in VS code. Then right-clicked the file to copy the relative path (which was long) to the clipboard.

Copy relative path

I then hopped over to a WSL command line prompt and did "nano " then pasted the path.

Then edited all that to turn the \ into / so it actually worked.

I've done this a few times recently, and it was getting annoying.

So I pulled out my trusty Autoit, and wrote a little script to grab the clipboard contents, swap the slashes, and stick it back in the clipboard. And it does this on a SHIFT +ALT+V keypress.

Lovely! Took me about 10 minutes. Time well spent.

Here's the code if anyone is interested.

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